Italy Entry Visa Application Process 2023

Italy Entry Visa

 Unless you are a citizen of a country that has a visa waiver, you will need a visa to enter Italy.

People from various countries, such as Brazil, the United States, Canada, EU countries and many others, can visit Italy for up to 90 days without the need for a visa.

The reason for the brief visit may include tourism, business or visiting friends/family.

 But, if you are a citizen of a country without visa waiver, you will need to  apply for an entry visa to the Italian consulate/embassy of your home country.

This authorization should also be required if you are a citizen of a country with visa exemption but intend to stay in Italy for more than 90 days for reasons of tourism, business or social or family events.

That is, if you plan to stay in Italy for an extended period or reside, you will need a long-term visa. The requirements and processes for these visas vary according to your purpose and situation.

The requirements to obtain a  visa may vary depending on your country of origin and the type of visa you are applying.

Em geral, você precisará preencher um formulário de solicitação de visto, fornecer documentos comprobatórios such as financial and accommodation vouchers, as well as pay visa fees. For this it will be necessary to schedule an interview at an Italian consulate or embassy.

Please noteThe visa application process can be complex and time-consuming, so it is important to start preparation in advance. Please contact the Italian consulate or embassy in your country for specific information on visa requirements and application procedures.

Upon entry into Italy for a stay of more than 90 days, you must apply for the permesso di soggiorno

Permesso di soggiorno

Permesso di soggiorno, document required to live legally in Italy.

The permesso di soggiorno is a legal document that allows foreign citizens to reside in Italy for a certain period and for certain purposes.

 For most types of permesso di soggiorno it is necessary to start the application to the Italian consulate/embassy present in the country of origin of the foreigner before the trip.

Therefore, if you are planning to move to Italy for work, study or other reasons, it is necessary to start the process of applying for a residence permit at the Italian consulate or embassy of your home country.

 This will allow you to obtain your residence permit upon arrival in the country and begin your stay legally.

To remain legally in Italy, upon arrival you must apply for Permesso di soggiorno to the immigration office of the Police Headquarters (Questura) competent for your jurisdiction.

 Types of permesso di soggiorno

 Typically, the most common reasons why people request the permesso di soggiorno include:

Jobs: Permesso di soggiorno lavoro autonomo/ subordinato

This type of residence permit is granted to people who wish to work legally in a foreign country. It can be divided into several categories, such as temporary work authorization or permanent work permit.

 Study: Permesso di soggiorno motivi di studio

This permit is issued to international students who wish to attend educational institutions in Italy. Typically, you must prove that you have been accepted into a recognized program of study to obtain this type of permission.

Raggruppamento familiare: Permesso di soggiorno motivi familiari

This authorization is granted to family members of citizens or permanent residents in Italy. It may include permits for spouses, children, parents, or other relatives, depending on local laws.

Asylum or humanitarian protection: Permesso di soggiorno asilo político

People seeking political asylum or humanitarian protection can apply for a temporary residence permit or a refugee permit.

Waiting Italian CitizenshipPermesso di soggiorno attesa riacquisto cittadinanza

One of the few reasons for permesso di soggiorno is that you do not need prior authorization from the consulate/embassy of your home country. That is, in the case of application for Italian citizenship, the entry visa is not a prerequisite for the permesso di soggiorno.

Therefore, you can enter Italy as a tourist and apply for the Permesso di soggiorno per attesa della cittadinanza. This topic will be discussed below.

Other reasons why people can apply for a residence permit include investment, art, culture or other special programs offered by a country.

Permesso di soggiorno per attesa della cittadinanza

If you intend to go to Italy to take Italian citizenship, you need to be aware of the rules of the country.

As we have already seen above, many countries have visa exemption from entry into Italy, this is the case of Brazil. Therefore, you can stay regularly in Italy for up to 90 days as a tourist.

However, it is important that the recognition of Italian citizenship made directly in Italy, through an administrative process, can take 4-6 months to complete.

For this reason, it is essential that you place the order of the so-called “permesso di soggiorno” in anticipation of the order of the Italian cittadinanza.

Where to ask the permesso di soggiorno per attesa della cittadinanza

To order the Permesso di Soggiorno you must provide the Giallo Kit, provided free of charge by the Italian post office. It is an envelope with a yellow stripe, and inside it is formed.

You must fill out the forms found within the giallo Kit and the payment slip, attaching the required documents.

After completing the form and paying the fees, the Poste Italiane employee will schedule an appointment for you at the Questura (immigration station).

The agents of “Questura” will carry out the interviews, checking the documents, registering their fingerprints, and asking some questions.

A protocol will be provided so that you can check that you are regularly in Italy and withdraw the Permesso di Soggiorno when you are ready.

To do so, you need:

·        Kit Giallo

·        valid passport with visa (original and copy).

·        4 identical and recent 3×4 photos (those for passport, in Italy, Fototessera),

·        one Bollo brand – special seal for documents.

·        extra fee for the issuance of the permessus electronic.

·        Avvio della pratica di cittadinanza- Document issued by the Italian Comune

 Decree Law no. 130/2020 provides for the possibility of converting the permesso di soggiorno in attesa cittadinanza into a permesso di soggiorno di lavoro

The Permesso del Soggiorno Cost

 What is the cost? Let us now discuss the price you must pay to apply for the Permesso di Soggiorno. However, the cost of soggiorno permesum may vary depending on the type of permesum requested and the duration of the authorisation.

 In addition, rates may be subject to change over time due to changes in immigration laws or government policies.

The Permesso di Soggiorno in 2023, costs:

·€ 76.46.for residence permits lasting more than three months and up to one year;

·€ 80.46 (50.00 + 30.46) for residence permits lasting more than one year and up to two years;

· € 130.46 (100.00 + 30.46) for the EU long-term residence permit (former residence card) and for the issuance of a residence permit for managers and skilled workers.

Validity of the Permesso di Soggiorno

The validity of the permesso di soggiorno varies according to the type of permesso requested and the duration of the authorisation.

General Considerations

For accurate information about the Permesso di soggiorno, you should consult directly with the Italian immigration authorities (Questura) where you intend to apply for permission.

Remember to carefully follow the instructions provided by the immigration authorities to avoid delays or problems in the process of applying for your residence permit in Italy.

It is essential to respect the immigration laws of the country where you intend to stay and follow the process of applying for a residence permit, without which it may result in legal consequences and expulsion from the country.

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