Site to agrandar horario in the Italian consulates - Prenot@MI.

 Site to agrandar horario in the Italian consulates – Prenot@MI.

The Prenot@mi Portal allows Italian citizens and foreigners to book times for consular services in Italian consulates and embassies present around the world.

The Portal also allows the user to enter a waiting list for those consular services that do not have a date available. When vacancies arise, the portal will automatically contact citizens who are on a waiting list. Therefore, it is essential to correctly provide the email and phone number.

The purpose of the Portal is to make the process of scheduling and processing queries easier because the system facilitates the verification of the identity of users, thus simplifying the interface of those who use the service.

In addition, users can reduce the service time during scheduling, since all the necessary documents can be uploaded through the system in advance.

To schedule a time for consular appointments, you must access the Prenot@Mi portal, register, choose the consulate of your jurisdiction, and schedule a time based on the available dates or enter a waiting list.

To use the Portal it is necessary to have one of the browsers

1.           Borsa from Microsoft

2.           Explorer – version 11 and higher

3.           Google Chrome – version 88 and higher

 The use of unsupported browsers does not guarantee the correct usability of all portal contents.

Services that can be prenoted

*You can schedule for various consular services through Prenot@Mi, such as:

1.                          Issuance of Passports;

2.                         Application for Italian Citizenship by descent;

3.                          Issuance of the electronic identity card;

4.                          Transcription of marital status documents;

5.                          Issuance of tax code (“codice fiscale”);

6.                          Value statements.

The necessary information for each of the above services is available on the portal or on the web pages of the consular services.

*However not all consulates / embassies provide the Prenot@Mi for the above services, as it is a new service that is being implemented gradually.

Visit the website – “Accedere al sito”

To have access to the site it is necessary to register and indicate the Italian Consulate of jurisdiction.

A message will be sent in the email indicated at the registration stage to confirm the registration.

If you do not receive the confirmation email, check the SPAM section or that the email address has been indicated correctly.


How the Prenot@mi system works

Each citizen has a reserved area in the Prenot@Mi application where they can view the services provided by the consulate and can schedule a time.

To schedule a consular service:

1.           click “Prenote”

2.           Click the desired service

In the table of services provided by the Consulate, the user will find links containing all the useful information about each service.

  3- On the page of the desired service, enter:

A-The type of prenotation:

At the moment, there are three different types of booking available on the portal:

·              SINGLE SCHEDULING: the citizen nominally schedules an appointment;

·              MULTIPLE APPOINTMENT: the citizen can make an appointment for himself and other members of his family:

·              RESERVATION FOR OTHER PEOPLE: the citizen makes an appointment for one or another person, up to a maximum of ten people.

Attention: The availability of the above types of care will depend on each service and / or consulate / embassy.

B- The data of the Applicant or Applicants;

C- NOTE to the consulate.

By clicking on the “Avante” link, the user will have access to the calendar.


Users can only make one reservation per service from the same account. Therefore, if you see the message “Reservation already made for this service”, you will not be able to make another reservation.

From the 10th and until the 3rd day from the date of scheduling, the user must confirm the requested reservation. In case of non-confirmation, the system automatically cancels the appointment.

To confirm your appointment, the user needs to log in to your account/my appointments, click on “Booking code” and, “Confirm” the appointment.

You cannot confirm the appointment in any other way.

Documents required for the day of scheduling

The documents required will depend on the type of service desired. Information on the required documents is available on the websites of the reference consulates.

Waiting times to get an Appointment

Waiting times for an appointment depend on the availability of consular posts and the demand for services. You can consult the calendar on the Prenot@Mi portal to see the available dates for the service you are interested in

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the waiting list, which allows you to be contacted when a seat is available.

Scheduling Change

 You can change or cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your appointment through the portal Prenot@Mi by entering your own credentials.

 If you can’t find an alternative date that suits you, you can join the waiting list and wait to be contacted.

*It is worth remembering that you must attend the consulate with the reservation confirmation printed or on your mobile phone.

Other pages on the PRENOTAMI website

 1-My commitments-“I meowed appuntamenti”

In the My Appointments section, the citizen can consult the list of all scheduled appointments. This list highlights information about the booked service, booking code, appointment date and booking status.

 By clicking on the booking code, you can access the details of the individual schedule, from which you can view the booking data and print it.

In this section the user will have the possibility to cancel the appointment, but will not be able to restore it

2- My profile – “Il mio profilo”

 The My Data section allows the user to modify the data listed below:

1. City

 2. Postal Code

 3. Address

4. State

My data –

Through this section you can change passwords independently. After changing the password, the new password must be used to access the reserved area of the Prenot@Mi.

Change of Embassy/Consulate-“Exchange Headquarters”

After the change of domicile or residence, the citizen must change the consulate of reference of the portal Prenot@Mi, . With the Change embassy/consulate function, the citizen can select the COUNTRY and indicate the new consular post for future appointments.

After changing the consulate of reference, the citizen can only see the reservations made in the new Consulate.

It is not possible to change the embassy/consulate in case of active reservations.


It is very important to click “Disconnect” to successfully end the section at the end of operations.

I hope this article has helped you, but if you still have any questions about the argument, leave in the comments that I will answer you.

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