Places to Visit in Bologna

Five tips for places to visit in Bologna, Italy.

Bologna, a medieval city in northern Italy, situated in the region of “Emilia Romagna”, is known by four surnames: “La Dotta” (the Cultured), “La Grassa”, (the Fat), “La Turrita” (the full of towers), “La Rossa” (the Red). Bologna is also the “land of engines”. Based on their “last names”, we have thought of five tips of places for you to know in Bologna.

Bologna Italy

1-“La Dotta” (The Cult)

This surname is for the presence of Alma Mater University, the oldest in the Western world. The seat of the first University of Bologna of the sixteenth century is the “Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio” and is open to the public.

Inside the palace is “The Anatomical Theater”, a beautiful room made of wood where there were anatomy classes for medical students.  Strolling along the “Zamboni” road in the city center, it is possible to see the current headquarters of the university.

    2- “La Grassa” (the Fat)

    Bologna is famous in the world for its gastronomy, land of the “Mortadela”, the “Tagliatelle alla bolognese”, the “Lasagnas” and the Tortellini. It is also known for the wines of the Bolognese Hills.

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    At the regional level we find the famous Parma Ham and the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

    These specialties you will find in the many shops and restaurants typical of the city. It is also possible to learn how to make the “fresh paste”, as this opportunity is offered to tourists by several Bolognese cooking schools present in the city.

    3- “La Turrita” (full of towers)  

    It refers to the numerous towers built in the medieval period, used for defense and demonstration of power.

    Among the places to visit in Bologna are the “Asinelli Towers” and “Garisenda”. The medieval towers are located in the heart of the city.

    The tallest is the 97-meter Asinelli Tower, built between 1109 and 1119 by Gherardo Asinelli. Already the Garisenda tower is high 47 meters, was built in the same period by the noble family ghibellina. Another interesting tour to get an idea of what the towers were like is the visit to the “Museo Realtà Virtuale”, where it is possible to “live” a little of medieval Bologna.

    4-“La Rossa” (The Red)

     With a walking tour through the historic center of Bologna it is possible to admire the palaces built in the medieval era and their various red tones. Other places to visit in Bologna are some of these palaces, such as the “Palazzo Renzo” which is open for events and the Palazzo d’Accursio, seat of the city hall. The two palaces are located in “Piazza Maggiore”, a “beautiful” square known as “Nettuno”.

     5-Bologna is also “land of engines”

    Many attribute the red color to the presence of Ferrari that along with Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati puts Bologna on the “route” of the engines.

    A few kilometers from Bologna, in the city of Modena we find two museums dedicated to the Ferrari brand, the “Museo Enzo Ferrari” and the “Museo Ferrari”. The first tells us the life of the founder and the second the evolution of cars.  There are also several tourist agencies that promote tours that allow you to drive a Ferrari through the streets of Modena.

    Ducati and Lamborghini also have their own museums. The Ducati museum is located in a Bologna neighborhood and the Lamborghini museum is located in the town of Sant’Agata Bolognese, 30 minutes from Bologna.

     Another relevant aspect of Bologna is due to the presence of its arcades that together add up to 40 km only in the historic center. Part of this architectural and cultural heritage, due to its importance, was listed in 2021 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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