Italian citizenship directly in Italy in 10 steps in 2023

Ciao! Will you recognize your Italian citizenship directly in Italy? With the reading of this article you will know the 10 fundamental steps to be an Italian citizen. Let’s go to the article:

Taking away Italian citizenship directly in Italy means doing an administrative process in an Italian “comune”.

For this, it is necessary that you are a resident of an Italian city.

This administrative process of recognition of Italian citizenship has a deadline for the end of 180 days.

At the end of the process you can ask for your passport.

Here are the 10 steps to applying for Italian citizenship directly in Italy:

1.Documents required for Italian citizenship:

Before starting the process, you need to gather all the necessary documents to prove your Italian origin.

Most of the “commune” follow the  K28 circular for the requirement of the necessary documentation. They are:

Birth Certificates (from all ancestors to the applicant);

Marriage Certificates (from all ancestors to the applicant);

Birth and Marriage Certificates must be in FULL CONTENT format

Certificate of Naturalization (this only for Italian).

It is worth mentioning that the documents must be translated into Italian and apostilled.

2.Sworn translation of legalization (Apostille)

The documents to be used in the process must be translated into Italian and apostilled.

The translation must be carried out by an Italian-language translator, written in the municipal or state boards of trade. These translators are called sworn translators.

Legalization, in the case of Brazil, is done through an apostille carried out by an authorized notary.

*For those who want to carry out the process in Italy, it is possible to translate the documents in Italy. However, the original documents must be apostilled to be translated.

3. Arriving in Italy:

At customs you may have to present the following documents:

 Round trip ticket, with the return less than 90 days;

 Travel insurance (can be CDAM);

 Proof of financial availability to stay in Italy.

*You can prove with cash, international credit cards, prepaid service titles, among others;

 Declaration of lodging or rental agreement;

 Passport with a maturity of more than 6 months.

4.Declaration of Presence

The declaration of presence in Italy is a document that proves your legal presence in the country.

It is necessary to get it when you arrive in Italy through a flight with stopovers in a country of the Schengen area and will stay in an accommodation like private houses.

This declaration must be made to “Questura”, within a period of up to 8 days, in accordance with Decree Law no. .10 (of 15/02/2007).

If you arrive in Italy by direct flight, through Rome or Milan, or are staying in a hotel before defining your residence you do not need to present yourself to “Questura”.

5. Codice Fiscale

This document is equivalent to the Brazilian CPF, which identifies the citizen in all his relations with public authorities;

The interested party needs to go to the “Agenzia delle Entrate” of his residence with the following documents:

 Valid passport (and a copy)

 Completed form (this form will be available at the agenzia delle entrate/ sito della agency)

The emissary of the “codice fiscale” is immediate and free

6. Residence in the comune:

You will need to establish your residence in an Italian comune.

The “comune” have different criteria for applying for residency, however the documents required to apply for residency basically are:

 Valid passport;

 Codex Fiscale;

 Declaration of presence;

 Permesso di soggiorno – this document is not mandatory for descendants of Italian who will apply for citizenship.

This right is set out in Circular 32.

 Photocopy of the rental agreement, owner’s authorization or purchase of the new residence;

 Specific forms;

Important to note that you can be a resident of any Italian commune. It doesn’t have to be in the “comune” of your “antenna”.

7. Wait for the visit of the Vigile

After applying for residency, a police officer from the municipal guard will pay you a visit.

This visit serves to make sure that you are living in a location that follows the rules of safe housing.

The municipal guard has the legal period of 45 days to carry out the visit and complete the residency process. This visit will be without prior notice, so being at home during this period is important not to delay the process.

8. Scheduling:

After confirmation of residence, it is possible to apply for recognition of Italian citizenship.

Contact the comune where you intend to request recognition and schedule a time. This appointment can be through the website itself or phone.

With an appointment you can personally deliver the documents to the “ufficio di stato civile”.

In some “comune” the documents must be delivered in the “Ufficio Protocol”.

Thus, the officials of the “comune” themselves will forward the application for citizenship and the documents to the Ufficio stato Civile

9.Apply for citizenship at the Ufficio di Stato Civile in the Comune

On the scheduled day, you must attend the comune with all the required documents. The staff of the comune will check the documentation and provide additional guidance.

The Documents required for the scheduled day are:

 Documents cited in circular K28.  The”comune” uses different criteria. For this reason it is important to check on the website of the “comune” the necessary prerequisites.

 Copy of valid identification document (Passport)

 Specific form ( nen todos “comune” utilizan o form)

 Payment of a fee “Marca da Bollo”  (today 16,00 euro) that is found in the “Tobacconists”.

It is interesting to present the family tree along with the required documents.

After this step, the official of the comune will deliver the document “Avvio della pratica” (in person or by mail).

This document is important for the application of the permesso di soggiorno.

Please note: If you intend to stay in Italy for more than 90 days you must ask for the “Permesso di Soggiorno in attesa della cittadinanza”

The  “Permesso di Soggiorno”  is the authorization of the Italian government so that you can stay legally in the country.

10Analysis of the documents by the “Comune”

The official will examine your documents and verify the validity of your line of Italian descent.

With the positive opinion, this official suspends the process and requests  the *Do not renounce the consulate of your jurisdiction and your family members.

* Non-Renunciation – It is a document that attests that none of the ascendants of the applicant has renounced Italian citizenship. It is a document other than the certificate of non-naturalization.

The Consulates have a period of 45 days to send the no renouncement to the Italian “comune”.

After confirmation from the Italian consulate that his ancestor did not renounce citizenship. You will receive an official document confirming that your effort “paid off.”

From this moment you will be an Italian citizen! Their certificates will be written in the books of the “Comune”.

You will receive an official document confirming your Italian citizenship.

With this communication you will be able to request your Italian documents!

*It is important to remember that the above procedures may vary.

I hope that my article Italian citizenship directly in Italy in 10 steps in 2023 will be satisfactory. However, don’t hesitate to contact Casamia if you still need help.

Grazie per la lettura e a dopo!

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